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This is not my first Worpress plugin, but the first I’ve decided to share. I promise I will share the others too..

I’ve created it to help those people who don’t like to edit code in template files (or are too lazy to do that). Just activate the plugin and it will automatically show the_excerpt() in your homepage, archives and search results.

So, what does it do exactly?

The plugin tries to display your custom excerpt text and if it doesn’t find it it will show an automatically generated excerpt. It’s good either if you want to use your custom excerpts of if you just want to show automatically generated excerpts in your blog.

Any custom options?

Yes, the user can define a custom excerpt length (default is 500), the read more text (default is Read more […], and now you can also disable it) and whether to attach or not a thumbnail to your excerpt.
You can find these settings by going to Settings > Auto Excerpt in your WordPress admin panel.

Anything else?

If you find any bug or if you would like to have more options, please leave comment below.
You can also leave a comment just to say ‘Hi’ or any other kind of feedback.

Current version?

The up to date version is currently 1.5, released on 2012-10-11

Latest news

I found some time to release an update to my plugin. I decided to add a couple of features based on the suggestions I read in the comments of this post. Thanks to everyone for the support!

Download link?

You can find the plugin in the WordPress Plugin Directory: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/auto-excerpt-everywhere/


= 1.5 =
New features, as always requested by some users: you can now exclude your home page and add an image button as a read more link.

= 1.4 =
New feature: you can now choose the thumbnail alignment.

= Version 1.3 =
New features: exclude/include sticky posts, choose a custom css class for the thumbnail
Bug of the blank “read more text” option is now fixed.

= Version 1.2 =
A couple of bug fixes and a new feature: you can now leave the “Read more text” field blank in order to disable the read more link.
This possibility was requested on my blog by someone who already has a Read more link included in his theme.

= Version 1.1 =
This release supports two new features:
1) you can choose to attach a thumbnail to your post excerpt
2) you can disable the excerpt in your rss feeds
I’ve also added a “Settings” link to Plugins page and a Donation button.

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  • Warren ha scritto:

    WordPress 3.4.2;
    Auto Excerpt everywhere 1.5; and
    WP Help 1.1.*
    I am also using several other plug-ins.

    My help pages show excerpts only and when I click on the ‘more’ link, nothing happens.

    I would really rather not have the excerpts in the help pages. If however I have to keep it that way, what do I need to do to get the rest of page to display?

    Do I need to get rid of one plugin or the other?

    ‘Help’ was working fine till I added the ‘Excerpt’ plug-in. ‘Excerpt’ works beautifully on my posts. Both are great plug-ins. I would like to have both!

  • WeLikeYourStyle ha scritto:

    Hello, I find your plugin very useful, more than ALL the others I’ve tried for sure!
    Yours is simple and sleek, problem is, I could love to use one image as a teaser on the excerpt. Even if I choose a thumbnail some posts will show one image, but most posts wont.
    Is there anything I could do?
    Thank you!

  • Lia ha scritto:

    Love this plugin; however one thing. Is there a way to make my featured image not also become the header image for that post? It does it to all of my posts EXCEPT for one random post. I have no idea why that one shows my normal header, but I would prefer that my header remained my logo and not a blown up version of my featured image. Do Thanks!

  • wedditalia ha scritto:

    WordPress 3.4.2
    DeepFocus 4.1
    Auto Excerpts Everywhere 1.5
    Website in development http://forevergreenwedding.eu/

    When activating the plugin, the thumbnails dissappear on my homepage. If it isn’t activated nothing’s wrong. What can I do to make that work?

  • Miss Janssen ha scritto:

    Hi Josie (and thanks for the plugin:-))

    I don’t know if it’s just me or what but, is the excerpt lenght set in characters or in words? Because if I set it to, let’s say 500, it shows an excerpt which I assume is showing characters (just a couple of sentences)in my search results page but, it shows a huge excerpt (half a post, I’d dare to say) in the rest of my blog pages (what makes me think, that in this case, it’s showing 500 words).

    Would it be possible to add an extra feature in a future update to be able to choose between words or characters? Or maybe be able to choose where in the website/blog use the plugin? (like a check box to mark with a tick “Home”/”Categories”/”Search Results”, depending on where you want to show that particular kind of excerpt).


  • Banata ha scritto:

    If exceprt activated, I cant open full articles, it only show the excerpt version, when I click “read more” it wont display the full articles

    how to overcome this problem?

  • IslandOwl ha scritto:

    Thank you so much for this plug in!! It works great!!

    For people who are not seeing their images in their excerpts – here is an answer I just posted on WordPress.org support forum, but since I see people are asking about it here too – I will paste it in here too.

    To have an image show in the excerpt you need to set it as a “Featured Image”.

    Go to the top of you post page in Edit mode and look at your Screen Options. Make sure “Featured Image” is checked so it shows up on your post page. From there you can set which image you want to have show up in the excerpts.

    You will need to go back to all of your posts and set the featured image for each one.

    *** However, I am pretty sure there is a plugin that will make the first image be your featured image. You can check. I do not use it so am not entirely sure. *****

    From here on out, when you are writing a new post you can set the featured image when you are placing the image in the post itself. Look down at the bottom of the Image screen. Right next to “Insert Image” there will additionally be an option to Set as Featured Image. If you forget to click that at that point then you will have to use the “Set Featured Image on your post edit page.


  • Iggy ha scritto:

    This is great, the only thing missing: link on featured image! Please add if you can, thank you very much!

  • Luiz Soares ha scritto:

    Hello my friend!

    I agree with the last comment..it should be really wonderful if the Featured Image could be linked to the post, too..a lot of people click on the image to go to the post, and there’s no link on the image…


  • Priscilla ha scritto:

    I want to have the first image of each post to appear to the left of the excerpt. How do I add this feature?

  • Priscilla ha scritto:

    Also, if I set the featured image then a huge version of it shows up and is distorted. Please help me figure this out. It’s making me crazy!

  • ivan ha scritto:

    Is it possible to make an option to do an excerpt based on the first paragraph?

    I don’t quite like all themes and excerpt plugins that just count the words and cut the text in the middle of the sentence.
    It would be much better if we could have an option to choose whether we’d like to have an excerpt after the first paragraph.

    Thanks! Otherwise, this is great plugin, I’m using it instead of the included one in CatchBox theme, because your plugin doesn’t mess with the image when I choose “large” – it displays my image in native size. Well done!

  • Liz ha scritto:

    This plugin doesn’t allow me to ask for more characters in an excerpt, which is quite annoying. I don’t even know if it’s characters. Anyway, it starts with “500”, which doesn’t do 500 characters or words or anything. I change it to “1000”, and the excerpt gets smaller.

    When you update it, can you add an option to keep certain HTML formatting? I really like Advanced Excerpt for this reason, but I hate that it includes excerpts in the RSS feed.

  • Piergi ha scritto:

    Ciao Serena, grazie per l’ottimo plugin.
    Ho anch’io una richiesta: sarebbe possibile racchiudere l’excerpt tra i tag di paragrafo? E, se non ci vuole troppo, aggiungere magari una classe (alla stessa maniera della classe della thumbnail)?

    English: It’d be nice to add the ‘paragraph’ tags before and after the excerpt, with a style class.

    Grazie mille, ciao ciao

  • AlekBounce ha scritto:

    I love this plugin! Thanks for your work.

    Is there anyway to anchor the “Read More” button to a particular corner for uniformity, rather than at the end of 500 words?

    Would be great to see front page uniformity with read more buttons in the same place for each excerpt. :)

    Thanks again!

  • Kenneth Elliott ha scritto:

    I love this plugin. But I am having a problem with the thumbnails showing on my homepage. I thought I had everything setup correctly. Is their something I need to click on the admin page to get it to work correctly or on the page to enter my article?

  • Roger ha scritto:

    Is it possible for you to add as an option to have the excerpt specified only on certain pages, e.g. home page and the regular content on the post page. With the excerpt on all pages, my readers never get the total content. Thanks.

  • Allison ha scritto:

    The post image isn’t showing up on the excerpt even though I have that marked in the settings. I have tried different themes but it just doesn’t show up. Please let me know what I need to do to get this to work. Thank you


  • Anandu B Ajith ha scritto:

    Post Thumbnail’s not working

  • Rene ha scritto:

    I installed Auto Excerpt. However when it is running, my posts pictures did not appear anymore.

    How can I set in order to pictures appear?

    Pictures are at the beggining of the post.


  • rakesh ha scritto:

    Thanks for sharing this plugin. more useful for earlier version of WordPress. thanks again from my side.

  • mason ha scritto:

    Hi great plugin! I would love it if you could make it an option to remove html formatting or not. It seems that currently the html is only showing up if the post is less than the limit specified. Not sure why that is…

  • Ian Angus ha scritto:

    Hi … love the plug in, but …

    Is there a way to set the excerpt length to zero, so that no excerpt appears on the home page? I’ve tried leaving the length blank and putting in 0, but neither seems to work.

  • George ha scritto:

    Your plugin is so good but the thumbnail doesnt work… What i have to do

  • ~chris~ ha scritto:

    Hi, I really like your plugin, but the excerpts of my posts are showing the post’s tags… I was wondering if there’s any way to get rid of these tags? Thank you =)

  • ~chris~ ha scritto:

    and also, how can I make it so that all my post’s excerpts show up on the page, instead of just 1 excerpt..? Thanks again

  • John ha scritto:

    Yes great and simple. Only thing is thumbnail only works with featured image set. This then shows 2. Could I suggest setting the thumb in the settings panel. Or turning on the featured image. If I get time to do it will post. cheers and thanks

  • John ha scritto:

    Patch for the dual image feature image problem. In content.php of the main wp site comment out this.

    <!– This stops featured imaged dual posting thumb for Excerpt anywhere.


    You still set the feature image but the plugin uses it only.

    Hope this helps. cheers John

  • John ha scritto:

    The post disappeared the php this is the line to comment out.

  • John ha scritto:

    This is the function call to comment out in content.php. Sorry bout the mess.


  • Alexa ha scritto:

    Hi, I am having difficulties with your plugin. It only shows the excerpt of the first post. It cannot find the ones of all the others. It merely shows headlines. And, the worst of all, it shows outdated headlines. Meaning, I updated my post and it still shows outdated headlines. Is there anything you can do to make it display my 200 words of all the post in my blog?

  • LauraG ha scritto:

    This is the 4th plug-in I tried and the first one that actually worked for me! Thank you.

    Is there anyway to change the size of the thumbnail? I would like it to be about twice the size its currently displayed at. I tried changing the default thumbnail size in Settings>Media Settings but it didn’t make any difference.

    Is there anyway to specify the alignment for the excerpt? I would like the text to be justified.


    PS: Site is still under construction

  • Антон ha scritto:

    I see shortcodes ([sc]) in my excerpts. How can I disable it?

  • Parma John ha scritto:

    I am trying to get excerpts, especially on my Tiny Forge themed home page, but it seems to work only for the first entry. What have I done wrong?
    See http://www.agseptest.eu in Italian to see what I mean. The news feeds can be extremely long.


  • the Toy Maker ha scritto:

    I love this plug-in it makes it easer to find thing on the front page. Is there a way to make it just show the first line?

  • Kyle ha scritto:

    Hey Josie, I’m loving this plugin, thanks for making it! Quick question, is there any way to make the images link to the actual post? Right now they aren’t clickable at all, but it would be nice if visitors could click on the pictures and go directly to the post. Thanks again!

  • sw ha scritto:

    Hi- Is there a way to use your “auto excerpt” plugin with the “wptouch” mobile site plugin w/o losing the ability to “read more” on a mobile device? Thank you!

  • Carlos ha scritto:

    HI, I would like to know how can I do to make the first image of sac post (featured image) on the index using this plugin.

    Thank you!

  • peyton305 ha scritto:

    Hi, none of the images choices work. No matter what I select, no images. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled–still I just get text. Is this a common bug lately? Love the plugin concept. Would like it to work though. thank you

  • daepunt ha scritto:

    Thanks for your great plugin!

    I wanted the Read More… text to contain a link to the full post itself, so it would become clickable. Here’s my hack:

    If you add the following text into the “Read More Text” field:

    [smaller_than_sign]?php echo get_permalink(); ?[greater_than_sign]Read More…

    then the Read More… behind your excerpts become clickable links!

    Substitute the [smaller_than_sign] and [greater_than_sign] with the actual symbols.

    Happy hacking!

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