This is not my first Worpress plugin, but the first I’ve decided to share. I promise I will share the others too..

I’ve created it to help those people who don’t like to edit code in template files (or are too lazy to do that). Just activate the plugin and it will automatically show the_excerpt() in your homepage, archives and search results.

So, what does it do exactly?

The plugin tries to display your custom excerpt text and if it doesn’t find it it will show an automatically generated excerpt. It’s good either if you want to use your custom excerpts of if you just want to show automatically generated excerpts in your blog.

Any custom options?

Yes, the user can define a custom excerpt length (default is 500), the read more text (default is Read more […], and now you can also disable it) and whether to attach or not a thumbnail to your excerpt.
You can find these settings by going to Settings > Auto Excerpt in your WordPress admin panel.

Anything else?

If you find any bug or if you would like to have more options, please leave comment below.
You can also leave a comment just to say ‘Hi’ or any other kind of feedback.

Current version?

The up to date version is currently 1.5, released on 2012-10-11

Latest news

I found some time to release an update to my plugin. I decided to add a couple of features based on the suggestions I read in the comments of this post. Thanks to everyone for the support!

Download link?

You can find the plugin in the WordPress Plugin Directory:


= 1.5 =
New features, as always requested by some users: you can now exclude your home page and add an image button as a read more link.

= 1.4 =
New feature: you can now choose the thumbnail alignment.

= Version 1.3 =
New features: exclude/include sticky posts, choose a custom css class for the thumbnail
Bug of the blank “read more text” option is now fixed.

= Version 1.2 =
A couple of bug fixes and a new feature: you can now leave the “Read more text” field blank in order to disable the read more link.
This possibility was requested on my blog by someone who already has a Read more link included in his theme.

= Version 1.1 =
This release supports two new features:
1) you can choose to attach a thumbnail to your post excerpt
2) you can disable the excerpt in your rss feeds
I’ve also added a “Settings” link to Plugins page and a Donation button.